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Spanish Mission – #81001

Spanish Mission #81001 / Best viewed on a full sized computer. The carousel below shows the entire exterior from several views. Spanish Mission living is all about light, air, cross-breezes, and comfort. Developed for a valley-edge site with three hundred degrees of visible horizon, and on a ridge top to catch up-welling currents of cool air, comfort abounds in this …

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ARCHITECTURUS-ABRACABRERRA The carousel below shows the entire exterior from several views. Small homes can live big if given half a chance and a magicians touch. 12079 is a good example. At barely more than 1200 square feet, it shouldn’t deliver a Family Room normally found in a home twice the size. …..The owner laughingly requested, “some sort of modification to …

Clown Rap

Clowns with hammers have a bad rap. AB

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Below, is a brief introduction to Home Building Timeline. Take a minute to browse it, or click above  to Go Directly to your Visitor’s Home Page Question : If you don’t know how to build a house, how do you know if anyone else does? This site specializes in DWELLING INDUSTRY INFORMATION for home planning, building, remodeling, flipping, and selling.

Golden Traces

Golden Traces by Andy Bozeman To-ing and fro-ing among deep, Southern shadows of frond and scented petal, Tracing cold fire through mottled, leafy veil, leaning against a warm blue sky, Cooling, as the heat of day spends its last, saved glow of sunshine, Fireflies leave golden traces, Rising up with lazy paces, Upward toward the starry places, Where waits the …

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If Plans Could Talk : “Hey! That’s Not Right!”

Homebuilding is habit-based. A routine develops, like Standard Operating Procedure, and embeds itself so deeply into the mind and muscle memory of every tradesman, that the concept of “I should look at the plans” is replaced by “I’ve done this a million times.” So, even if the millionth-and-first time is not like the others, the habit of the others wins, …

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How Much Is This Gonna Cost, Anyway?

How much will this house cost to build? I get this question several times every day. It’s all about using averages for guesswork. I even wrote a book that talks about construction cost. It’s called IF I’D KNOWN THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN I BUILT MY HOUSE, I MIGHT’VE GONE CAMPING INSTEAD. It’s on Amazom, here. The following illustrations …