My New Book is LIVE

This so exciting. My new eBook is now available on Amazon Kindle. Here’s the Amazon book link:

My Amazon Author Page with more fun reading is HERE. Please, come see me. Now, I’ll tell you about my new book.

You have a dream to create the perfect place to call home. What’s next? GET READY TO BUILD is a step by step guide to help you make smart decisions about preparing to build your perfect home, addition, or remodeling project.

All the steps in the process of choosing or improving a home-site are presented in step-by-step order for new home building, additions and remodeling. Each topic is easy to read and understand. Even the technical subjects are written in reader-friendly language to help the novice and the professional, alike.

Learn how to be mentally, physically and financially ready for the arduous process of finding a home site and building a new home or modifying a home you already have with an addition or renovation.

Learn when it’s the right time in the process to address all this: 1) Mind and Body; 2) Money and Finance; 3) The BEADS KEYSTONE for traits of property: find the boundary lines, identify building setback lines, understand easements, identify erosion and drainage paths, understand bearing soil, verify electricity and utilities, discover the allowed type and location of the home, vehicle parking, drainage, drinking water, driveway, sewage disposal, silt control, plat restrictions, regulations, and more.

The section HAZARDS of SITE SELECTION will reveal common mistakes and hidden traps, which can hinder the novice homeowner and the seasoned contractor.

In the section OWNERSHIP, learn what to ask, so that you’ll own exactly what you expect. The rights of ownership you expect and the rights you end up with may not be the same. Someone else might own the timber rights or mineral rights. A day could come when your perfect paradise might be scalped, scoured or mined, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But with prior knowledge from this book, you will be better prepared to avoid life-altering surprises.

REGULATIONS permeate every aspect of construction for new homes, additions and renovations. Every imposed rule is about safety for people and the health of the environment, so they’re good for the dwelling industry as well as people and animals. But sometimes a regulation can come as a surprise. For example, terms like ‘esplanade zone’ and ‘flowage easement’ are in place in every corner of the world, but almost completely unknown by the general public. Such regulations, and others like them, can have a dramatic effect on the peaceful use of land and home, so they better be understood.

GET READY TO BUILD is a stand-alone book about site selection and getting ready to build and add-on. In addition, it has a companion website,, available as an option, by subscription, at a low monthly rate. There, the entire process is unveiled in graphic form so you can see where you are in the process, what should happen next, and most importantly, what should have already happened because that is the source of all those homebuilding horror stories.

This book is not meant to micromanage all the professionals building your home. It does enable you to observe the building process with a keen eye and spot when things are off. No matter how experienced the builders are, there is always the risk of losing the overview of the building process. This book helps you maintain the overview and point out the things that require attention.

Independently this book is a great tool. Combined with it makes the best information-tool the dwelling industry has to offer.

By reading and following the step by step guidance of GET READY TO BUILD, you’ll be able to get everyone and everything in the right place at the right time, and navigate through the myriad mysteries of finding a place to build, as well as remaking the place you live into a place where you will love to come home™.

It also makes a great gift for ANY season.

Andy Bozeman