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Extended Outdoor Entertainment Space

This house already had a covered porch. There’s even a small bar and a fireplace. But it’s all too small. The owners asked me to design a porch extension – a place with room to spread out, even for a large crowd.

Tiny Home Thoughts

Several points about building small homes: I hope these points help to focus on the purpose of the project. Cost, risk, and accessibility are major considerations, either of which can derail a small to tiny home project. Let’s make sure of the purpose before jumping the gun.


Coming to the intersection of two highways, the corner of which held a filling station, I noticed a well-dressed man standing outside of a white vehicle. I realized that the well-dressed man was the driver and the white vehicle was a hearse. He was standing beside, and casually leaning against, the vehicle as he waited for the gas pump to …

Plan Uses

NOT USING ANY PLANS? HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS : The single, greatest danger of trying to build anything without plans lies in the fact that what you think you’re going to build and what others think they’re going to build for you will not be the same. For instance, a mystery lies beneath the sentence, “I want Windows.” The windows you …