AB HOME Summer 2020 e-magazine

Storms. Sunsets. Social Distancing. Independence. All within the same Summer. This will be a season to remember.

Synopsis of this issue:

  • Independence has a Favorite Season : Still free after more than 240 Summers.
  • Built FROM a Wheelchair FOR a Wheelchair : The successful quest for personal independence.
  • Project Timing for Home Planning and Building : Everyone, Everything, Right Place, Right Time.
  • Life and Lumber : STUCK at home with students? Here’s Something to help. It’s a coloring project for children, but everyone can do it.
  • Summer Storms and Sunsets : If a storm shelter can’t go in the ground, ‘Bury’ it in a Pretty Porch.
  • Home Building Timeline BIG ANNOUNCEMENT : Spoiler Alert. It’s FREE.
  • Home Design at a Distance : The biggest challenge we all face as we work out the life-changing obstacles of self-isolation and social distancing is to keep going no matter what. ‘Home’ still deserves our attention, dedication, love, and dreams. No matter where in the world we are, we can still work together, online, and avoid pandemic-related worry.
  • RAISING the ROOF – Independence at Home : Long-term independence depends on smart decisions early in the process.

This SUMMER 2020 issue offers a chance to laugh a little and learn a little. ENJOY! -AB-